Headphones On World Off  is a company dedicated to live music promotions, digital music marketing and the best silent parties in Chicago! We produce full-scale headphone events - ie : Silent Night Parties and provide DJs for clubs, parties and festivals.  Our headphone events feature multiple DJ's, live drums, or even live musicians broadcasting their set over closed circuit digital transmitters.  The signals are picked up through wireless headphone receivers worn by each attendee.  The party goers decide: what they listen to,  how loud, and for how long.  The music selection, vibe and party platform is conformable to each attendees' desires.  

Go late night


A silent party is the perfect way to keep your event going late into the night - as no actual music is being played through loud speakers.  There is no audible music and never a noise ordinance problem.  You will not upset your neighbors or nearby patrons and general public. 

Stress Free


With HEADPHONES ON WORLD OFF, we provide all the equipment needed as well as on-site staff assistance.  We can also supply you with marketing assets and a digital promotions team (if needed) to help make your event as successful as possible.  

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Do you have questions, want to book a party or collaborate on an event? Music is built on community. Reach out, and let's make some magic happen. 

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